High-tech surveys with drones and 3D laser scanners

  • Do you need detailed and precise information about a large area, including topography, dimensions, boundaries, water and vegetation covered areas, and geographic location?
  • Do you need reliable and accurate volumetric data about a land mass, a raw material deposit, or an area to be filled?
  • Do you need high-precision, detailed 3D information or failure detection about a building, facility, or infrastructure?

Discover the benefits of our comprehensive services, which help you solve problems in a timely manner and minimize risks!

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Drónos területfelmérés

Drone survey and geodesic volume calculations

Our surveys made by drones developed for industrial work offer many advantages in a variety of investigations. The terrain models, maps, and analyzes we create provide detailed and accurate information about the area under investigation.

These surveys accurately show the topographic features of the area: its geographical location, water bodies, the boundaries of the area, the dimensions and topography, as well as the characteristics of the vegetation of the area, which are essential for effective planning and decision-making. In addition, we accurately measure the mass of the ground, trenches, ditches, embankments, and other material deposits, thus providing comprehensive volumetric data.

Drónos épületfelmérés

Building and facility survey with drone and ground 3D laser scanner

We help to achieve more accurate and faster planning and construction, and thus to reduce costs, by using 3D modeling, mapping, and photo and video recording.

We use precise spatial data to represent the depth, width, height of the foundations of various buildings, the thickness of the walls, the location of the objects, and the condition of the different structures. This allows us to react in time to any construction errors that may affect the quality, durability, and safety of the building. We also identify defects, including corrosion, damage, and wear, with millimeter-precision images.