Determination of the rainwater flow direction and catchment depressions on top of the Kancellár Birtok building

The flat roof of the building was flooded at several points. Our task was to produce a very detailed roof map to investigate this. The height map is the most suitable for this, which shows the height conditions of the roof surface.

With the help of the map, we filtered and documented the flow directions and the critical parts where larger amounts of water accumulate. For the sake of the easiest interpretation for the customer, we drew the result of the analysis on the orthophoto.

Creation of a Váli rainwater drainage implementation map

We measured the completed ditches on behalf of IMMO-GEO Land Surveyor, Szolgáltató Bt. In their opinion, in order to shorten the working time, the drone survey was the most suitable, since an open ditch consisting of 3 areas, with a total length of approximately 1.5 km, had to be measured. The survey was carried out with great detail and accuracy.

The resolution of the point cloud is approx. 1cm/pixel, geographic accuracy 0.5-1 cm.

The realization map created from the survey was produced by Immogeo.

Assessment of the roof surface of residential park buildings

The task was to calculate the useful areas of the roof surface of buildings, for the purpose of installing solar panels. In addition, we determined the dimensions and position of the chimneys, railings on the roof and other objects.

The material handed over as a result of the survey included a high-resolution 2-dimensional orthomosaic map section drawn with dimensions, the same map without dimensions in DWG/DXF format, a 3-dimensional, cleaned point cloud with a point density of 3 centimeters in DXF format and aerial photos of the roof from several angles. The survey was made with an accuracy of 1.5 centimeters.

Respecting the customer’s request, we do not share pictures.

Aerial survey of the entire factory area

With the help of the produced detailed orthophoto map, we documented the types, quantity, and location of the stocks located throughout the site, as well as the routes between the stocks. We surveyed the floor areas of the factory buildings and measured different distances according to the customer’s needs. The measurements were carried out with geodetic accuracy.

Respecting the customer’s request, we do not share pictures.

Survey and mapping of 430 hectares for the planning of 9 solar parks

The survey had to be carried out in a 5×5 meter grid, from which a 3D point cloud and a drawing with contour lines had to be created in DWG/DXF format,
with which they can continue to work in cad software. In the affected areas, existing ditches, culverts, landmarks, and wooded areas had to be marked.

Assessment of raw material depots, UAV-based volume monitoring

Our customer was a Hungarian construction element manufacturing company. Where depots consisting of different materials had to be measured, their volume determined and documented.

Survey of the topography of an area of 5.5 hectares

The customer requested the results of the survey to plan their own home and farm. For this, we prepared a contour map and 3D data with a step interval of 0.25 m.

Creation of a digital topography model and surface model for nature conservation status assessment and change assessment

The size of the area is 78 hectares, materials produced during the survey:

  • digital terrain model
  • digital surface model
  • high-density classified 3-dimensional point cloud
  • field points with half-meter allocation
  • contour lines
  • high resolution orthophoto

Drone land survey tied backwater system
for its restoration and expansion plans

The 32-hectare area was surveyed by automated flight. The net flight time was about 4 hours, including 8 hours of field work including the measurement of the ground points. After three days of office work, they were handed over:

  • Contour maps
  • Point clouds with a spread of 50 cm
  • Orthophotos with a resolution of 1.7 cm/pixel

Test survey with Gabor Bako PhD, aerial remote sensing specialist, president of the Aerial Mapping and Remote Sensing Association.

Site area survey

The purpose of the order was to accurately survey the area of the site and carry out other measurements in the area. We flew over the area of the site with a drone in about half an hour and handed over the area measurement material the same day, which was a 2cm/pixel resolution orthomosaic and the area and distance calculations performed on it.

Certified land surveying using a drone

Survey certified by a land surveyor in cooperation with Zsolt Stegena real estate director and land surveying engineer

Zöldzóna Plusz Kft. Company commercial

Drone site survey

Site survey, data provision for expansion plans. The drone was flown in a combination of autonomous and manual flight, in order to make the survey as accurate as possible. The field survey was a good 2 hours, the follow-up work about a day and a half.

  • Delivered: 3D point clouds, 3D models, digital surface models, orthomosaics, site area measurement

Agricultural survey with a drone

Survey of 8,038 hectares. The survey was made on the basis of 427 images. autonomous flight in half an hour.

  • Transferred: 3D point cloud, orthophoto, exact area size, bale counting

Drone survey of high-voltage poles

In this case, the aim was damage assessment, with documentation in high-resolution, high-quality images. By photographing the object around, enlarging the individual parts, defects, damages and corroded parts can be easily noticed.

Creating a digital surface model with a drone

An elevation model that includes the surface of the earth and all objects on it, including vegetation and buildings. Primarily for cartographic use.

  • Parameters: approx. 1-1.5 hours of fieldwork, 7.78 hectares, based on 510 images, lowest point: 348m, highest point: 463m

Building survey with drone

Complete castle survey using the photogrammetric method. The survey was carried out with manual flight. The field work took 2 hours, the follow-up work took a day and a half.

  • The models made from around 1140 images: 3D point cloud, 3D model

Facade survey with a drone

The model was created using the photogrammetric method based on 368 images. The field survey is approx. It took 1 hour, and the subsequent computer post-work was completed within 1 day

  • Data types transferred: 3D point cloud, 3D model, facade orthophotos

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